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Salt Lake City Barber

Salt Lake City Epic Picture

What it means to be a Salt Lake City Barber

I am originally from Brazil, as a matter of fact, my home city João Pessoa sits right on the horn of the America’s so the first light that touches our continents (the Americas) hit’s my home city first. It is known for its beautiful beaches and warm climate. So why am I in Salt Lake City, and why am I a Salt Lake City Barber?

As you can see from this wonderful picture by Zac Warwick below, Salt Lake City has a unique charm. I love the mountains, I love the four seasons, I love the small lake city vibe and the vibrant art scene.

Salt Lake City Epic Picture
Photo by Zac Warwick @zacventure

Beach to Ocean - City to Canyon

From Beach to Ocean
From Beach To Ocean

When I was a little girl and it got too hot, I would escape to the beach. It was my oasis of joy and a place where I could explore, cool off, and recreate. The ease in which I could transition from a hot urban city into the ocean was transformative. I have been a Utah native now for 19+ years and when it is too hot I transition from the city to the canyons. The temperature cools and the dynamics of the peaks transform my mood if not in the same way as it did when I was a young child on the beach in a similar fashion. I still love the beach, and I may never get used to the cold, but I love the seasons, the beauty of the snow as it gently, playfully sways in the wind. I enjoy hot wassail, and warm alcohol on a cold night, I adore the fall and the crazy amazing harvest season festivals, the spring and it’s moody again off-again weather and the summer.

Cottonwood Canyon
30 minutes and you are here.

A Barber in Salt Lake City

I started out as a cosmetologist, but I enjoyed men’s haircuts more than women. When I moved to Salt Lake City I got a job at Jed’s Barbershop and not only was I introduced and trained to become a master barber, but I was introduced to Salt Lake City Barber culture. I met the men that like to get their hair cut done by a barber, and from them, I learned about the vibrant city life of Salt Lake City. Some examples of the groups I was exposed to are:

See as I cut hair and learned the art of being a barber in Salt Lake City, I also got the inside details on all of the diverse activities refined gentlemen (and hipsters) do in our city and it opened up a fantastic life to me.

Vanessa in her Retro-Outfit of the day
Ooh La La

A Barber in Salt Lake City Culture

So when you come for your experience, know that you are going to get a Salt Lake City Barber who loves her city, who will share what I know is going on, and who will be curious about the wonders you have found in the area. Let me just share some of my favorite Utah spots to eat:

Retro-Recommends - Eating

  • Manolis – a great tapas greek place located in the 9th and 9th area 
  • Mazza – a wonderful Mediterranean restaurant
  • Laziz – another wonderful Mediterranean place 
  • Root’d – a cute eatery in cottonwood heights. They serve wine, small plates, brunch, and full meals. 
  • Oasis cafe – great for vegetarian food or brunch. Get their Mediterranean platter, it is amazing. 
  • Tradition – southern food tapas + great cocktails. They also do brunch. Get the grits and fried green tomatoes. 
  • Tea Zaanti – This is a great local tea spot that recently started serving wine. They have small bites, wine, tea, and desserts. 
  • Chanon Thai – Everyone agrees this is the best Thai place in SLC 
  • Sawadee – great that place, try their pineapple fried rice. 
  • Takashi – The best sushi in SLC
  • Itto Sushi – Also great sushi but only at the Midvale hole in the wall location
  • Kyoto – Another great spot for sushi + other Japanese food. 
  • The Notch Pub – go here after a hike in the Unitas because it is in Kamas. 
  • Squatters – Great beer and food
  • Layla’s Mediterrenean Grill – My friend from Turkey’s favorite Mediterranean restaurant.
  • Baek Ri Hyang – Amazing Korean food
  • Garden Espresso – Cutie patootie little cafe hidden on Vine St in Murray
  • Proper – Hands down best burger and a killer cobb salad
  • Cucina – Frosés and small plates
  • Carmines – Better Italian food
  • Sicilia Mia – Best Italian food 
  • Per Noi Trattoria – Good Italian food
  • Settebellos – Best pizza and great gelato
  • Dolcetti Gelato – Best gelato (the 9th and 9th area is just awesome too)
  • Campos Coffee – Excellent coffee and breakfast offerings, also a great atmosphere.
  • Eva – My favorite restaurant in SLC, it’s a tappa’s place, if you can get the patio area, you are in for a treat.
  • Sappa – Not the best sushi, but great atmosphere, great food all around (The sushi is still good) Try the muscle shooters with the quail egg, and the tea houses were re-assembled here from their native location.
  • The Pie Hole – This is open all hours of the night and is probably THE go-to for drunk food late at night. The place is gross and a hole, but it is crawling with people and always hits that late night spot.
  • Sicilia Pizza – A better late-night alternative to the Pie Hole, cleaner, and the pizza is fantastic, but not artisanal wood fired like Settobello, open late, and has a drink menu. (Plus the owner has his dough recipe handed down from his great-grandma from Sicily.)
  • Pretty Bird Cafe – Right next to the Rose Wagner theater, it sits on regent street which is a historic weird up and coming area. Amazing Chicken Sando’s, from Iron Chef winner Viet Pham. Pham’s girlfriend is a classically trained sommelier, so the canned wine pairings are actually spot on.

Retro-Recommends - Drinking

  • Fisher beer – this is a great local spot. They serve beer, have the best merchandise and there is always a food truck parked outside. 
  • Alibi – I’ve been there a few times and it is super cute. 
  • Water Witch – I LOVE this place. I recommend going here for a drink before going to Laziz because they are right next to one another. 
  • Campfire – Great outdoor seating and also an oddly tasty dish called a “hobo dinner”. They are also Dog Friendly!
  • Prohibition – Great cocktails and a show, usually better with a group of friends. Also, I heard that they had a surprisingly great brunch. The Show on weekends is a “Utah” burlesque show, so it’s a little risque but still clean if that makes sense, also the variety shows with singers, dancers, and aerialists make it special.
  • The Rest (Under Bodega) – Cool speakeasy-style bar, that you have to ask to go down too, soaked in atmosphere it’s an original experience.
  • Purgatory – Noteworthy due to the fun outdoor games (Boule) and the games inside, one of my favorite mid-tier (Not so expensive) bars.
  • Lake Effect – This is a very hip bar/restaurant located in downtown SLC, they have live music on weekends and you can go down the rabbit hole (basement) for live jazz every Wednesday. Great Utah inspired menu, Proper even built them a special Lake Effect Beer.

What it means to be a Salt Lake City Barber

Quite shortly it means the world to me. Not only do I get to transform people’s opinions of themselves, give them a respite from the day, and deliver a world-class experience, but it also means I get to be part of the vibrant culture that makes Salt Lake City (small lake city) such an amazing place. I can’t wait to hear what you have to tell me next, and I can’t wait to give you a tailored haircut and a tailored agenda for discovery.

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