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How to choose a barber in 3 steps

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Why you need a barber

How to Choose A Barber

How to choose a Barber in 3 easy steps. Before we dive in though, why a Barber? The barber tradition is something that most men are lacking today. Barbers in history have been apothecaries (yes drug dealers), doctors, dentists, and integral parts of a town’s social dynamic. ¬†Two quick facts:

  1. Razors have been found among relics of the bronze age. (3500 years before the ultimate bearded man walked the earth)
  2. In ancient Greece, a man’s first razor shave was THE gateway into becoming a man. (your baptism into manliness if you will)
The question about how to choose a barber are old
Barbers have been integral to societies from the Vikings, Mayans, Mongolians, and more. Even in recent American history the Barber was a vital gathering place, and having a good barber was like having a good mechanic, something that altered not only how you felt about yourself (looking good is key to confidence) but as a connection to your local scene and society. So what separates a Barber from a hair stylist? The biggest difference is the straight razor shave, then the attention to detail with fades/clippers, precision styling on beards, and mustaches. As a human, if you haven’t experienced this exhilaration/flirtation with danger you are missing out. In short you need a Barber that connects with your personality, can give a great shave and cut, and knows the beating heart of the city. So how do you find a good one?

If you haven't experienced this  exhilaration/flirtation with danger; you are missing out.

Step 1 - Get curious (how to choose a barber)

Ask About – In your quest to choose a Barber in 3 steps the first step might seem simple, but when you see someone who’s style you like, ask them where they get it done. Let me tell you, nothing will get someone talking to you faster then telling them you like their hair, whoever is asking, we humans are ready to share, and share the journey.

Go Online – Google the best Barber Shops in Salt Lake City (example). Read the Yelp reviews, take a look at the shop itself, can you feel yourself there? What are people saying about it. This decision is going to impact your confidence for the next month, take some time to do your research.

"You can't lead your cavalry to battle if you think you look funny on your horse."
Retro Man Getting the news
Variation on a quote by
Adlai E. Stevenson

Step 2 - in the shop (how to choose a barber)

Are they asking questions? – When you are choosing a Barber it’s all well and good to just say, make me look good, but a good Barber is going to have a lot of questions. They have experience, but they aren’t mind readers. They will have examples, they will be curious, especially with a first time client, if the Barber seems like she is rushing you out the door, you might want to make a break for the door early.

Choosing a Barber is a lot about the conversation

Time in the seat + Confidence – You want a Barber that is confident, when it comes to how to choose a barber in 3 steps, this one is probably number 2. She should put you at ease, and really she should have done barbering for a few years at least. I am not saying new Barbers can’t be great, but those 10,000 hours of practice don’t come easily, and when your Lady Barber has a knife to your throat, you don’t want it to be their first time she is wielding the blade. A Barber is a cross between an artist and a craftsman, look at the style and attention to detail your Barber gives to themselves; will this carry over to you? You bet it will! All of that being said, you’re going to have to take the plunge, and it’s how you feel during, after, and in your memories that will really tell if you scored a valuabable ally.

Step 3 - The Trial Run (how to choose a barber)

How should you feel while your in the Barber Chair? – A good experience consists of a consultation, a tailored cut, ears nose and eyebrows trimmed, some, “you time” with a hot steamed towel, blow dry, warm lather neck shave, a finishing touch of styling, and the cherry on top is a shoulder and face massage. This is the service we guarantee here at Retro-Barbers, on top of all that, you want to feel listened too, entertained, and taken away from the cares of the day. If you have a beard, the trim and face massage further transport you.

Everyone likes a slightly different experience, some people want (after the consultation) just sit back and relax, others want to hear all about the wonders of Salt Lake City and what is happening, where to eat, what events to attend. My job as a Master Barber is to cater the experience to the individual. Once you give a Barber a trial run, take time to notice your hair, take time to reflect on what your experience was like, if you find yourself enjoying the memories after a day or two has passed, then you have a winner, if not, then you might need to go back to square one.


Not just men – When you are following the 3 simple steps to choose a Barber, I would ask you to include Women in your search. Women are now making up some of the best Barbers in the industry. The truth is you need someone who specializes in manly hair, someone with Barbering skills, and whether that be a man or a woman shouldn’t dictate who you see. I have found that many of my clients feel more comfortable opening up with me than they would a male barber. I put them at ease, and I find that I have ferreted out the best haircut specifically for them because I ask questions. So while you are out searching, give a lady barber a try!

How to choose your barber wisely - So you don't get cut

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