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Iconic Haircut Salt Lake City

Dan Reynolds Famous Haircut

What is the Iconic Men's Haircut for Salt Lake City

Iconic Men From Salt Lake City

Getting a fantastic men’s haircut in Salt Lake City, well, if you don’t learn from past mistakes and past failures then you are either doomed to repeat failure, or unlikely to repeat success. If you want to get the best men’s haircut in Salt Lake City, you will need to look at past Iconic men from Salt Lake City to learn from the past.  I like to add in the part about learning from past successes (who doesn’t want to repeat success?), so in this spirit, we are going to investigate Iconic Hair from or affiliated with Salt Lake City. So the first thing we need to do is list great men from Salt Lake City, or affiliated with Salt Lake City. Let the games begin!

Brigham Young, The Original Utah Icon
I have a Beard, but you can see my face. Power Move.

The List of Men's Haircuts from Salt Lake City

The following is a list, in no specific order, of famous men and their Iconic hair (or lack thereof), we will break down each of the signature haircuts (people are allowed to change, but I’m picking a moment in time for each of them) when we are done we will award the best men’s haircut in Salt Lake City!

  • Stephen Covey
  • Robert Redford
  • Philo Farnsworth
  • Brandon Flowers
  • David Abbott “Ab” Jenkins
  • Donny Osmond
  • John Moses Browning
  • Dan Reynolds
  • Jimmer Fredette
  • Brandon Sanderson
  • Marriner Eccles

Stephen R Covey

At the age of 57 Mr. Covey took his spiritual roots and applied them to business. He created a book and movement that went on to be a dynasty of goal setting and wonder. What a transcendent move for him, and he inspired day planners, and goal oriented people from this time forward. I would like to say that this pivot was similar to what he did with his hair. Like many men he was going bald, and instead of trying to hang on to his hair he pivoted, and went clean, and powerful. Check out the transformation! Though Mr. Covey most likely never had a Manhattan alcoholic drink, he would have enjoyed our Man-hat-tan head shave, to keep his look clean, and charismatic!

Young Steven R Covey
Powerful Charismatic Steven R Covey

Robert Redford

Not only was Mr. Redford an iconic sex symbol and actor but he also gave Utah The Sundance Film Festival that is still a defining Iconic piece of Salt Lake City and Utah pride. (the largest independent film festival in the United States) He may take the cake when it comes to Iconic Men’s Haircuts in Salt Lake City or the mountains.

Here you can see he has a messy look that is deceptive in that it looks like he doesn’t care, but a scissor cut with a razor texture and a stealth blend will get you these results if you have the locks to pull it off.

Mr. Redford also knew how to pull of a good mustache, and even though he was supposedly hiding in the woods as an outlaw, you just know, this mustache is professionally groomed!

Handsome Robert Redford
Robert Redford as the Sundance Kid

Philo Farnsworth

The father of modern television. The visionary that basically gave us all the vision we use today! I don’t know how you get more iconic than that! If you want to capture the somewhat Mad, but supremely intelligent look, you would be wise to use some of our signature 1922 products in order to get this slick, tapered look. Maybe you can change the world too.

Mad Genius Philo Farnsworth
Philo Farnsworth Adjusting an Early TV

Brandon Flowers

This next visionary was an auditory visionary! The band The Killers had a breakout album fueled behind Brandon’s guyliner and this messy on purpose haircut. This may be the best men’s haircut in salt lake city. He also moved on to be much more hipster, yes, before it was cool 🙂 Brandon would still enjoy our old fashioned, he’d have to enjoy it in his heart and hair though, because alass, he won’t be drinking. This is a classic conservative clippers and scissor cut, his later persona would definitely enjoy our classic service combined with a mustache sculpt.

Brandon Flowers During his Breakout Success
Brandon Flowers the Hipster

David Abbott Jenkins

Ok, we are about to enter, “Utah Awesome”. If you have never been to the salt flats of our great state you are missing out. Not only does it look like an alien planet, but it is the home of Speed, and we had a local, who was a hero and somewhat like the most interesting man in the world. He inspires us, and he inspires Salt Flats Brewing, (we have this in our fridge) and he had some iconic hair. Please check out the movie the Boys of Bonneville, it’s pretty amazing, and he is some sort of Superman. People talk about sir Malcolm Campbell and his chasing the white rabbit, but we’ve got a star of our own, and he had some blue collar roots. This windswept look can be accomplished by growing your hair out, keeping a clean tapered neck line and using our 1922 products and getting a scissor cut.

Ab Jenkins the Winner
Fast As Hell Ab Jenkins

Donny Osmond

If we were just in Utah awesome, we have just entered, “not so awesome”. You can see the comparisons to Bieber in this photo to the right, and though this might work on 15 year old girls, real women won’t tolerate a haircut like this. If I see you with this haircut, then I will suggest you to see your barber ASAP. This is definitely a lesson that you want to learn; Don’t make this mistake.

Donny Osmond who looks like a young bieber.

John Moses Browning

The modern day inventor of all things Gun (machine gun in particular), John Moses Browning was a genius gun maker, and influenced the world without a doubt. His style was definitely old school. I am pretty sure he didn’t care about what you thought about him, because he could talk softly and carry a big GUN! The comb-over wasn’t working for you, sometimes it’s best to just go with the full head shave, and work on that masculine facial hair.

John Browning
John Browning and His Machine Gun

Dan Reynolds

There is no way on this earth that Mr. Reynolds doesn’t see a Barber often. He has great fades, and a brilliantly sculpted beard. As a matter of fact, the cult of the Salt Lake City Barbershop has a lot to do with this type of haircut. In Salt Lake City there are almost as many Barbershops as their are Churches. Not only does Dan support LGBTQ+ rights, he is a damn fine musician. We love you Dan! and we Vote you as our number 1 Iconic Salt Lake City Men’s Haircut. You’re welcome, no we’re welcome. You win the best men’s haircut in Salt Lake City. Thank you for visiting your barber!

Dan Reynolds Famous Haircut
Great Hair on Dan Reynolds

The Jimmer

Freddette about it! How could we forget about the Jimmer, though he isn’t much of a Utahn, (New York Boy) his legacy and legend was made in Utah Valley. He is still known as the great white hope to many a fan, and they still play the game of what if, what if he had been drafted to a team other than The Kings. What if someone really gave him a shot to let loose the Three’s? Jimmer’s hair has never been anything to write home about; but once he became the Lonely Master in China, he upped his game. He is an example of what you can do with curly hair, and a great barber, I just think he needs to find one. Jimmer, next time you visit Utah, let me help you get a new signature look. Curly hair, can look amazing when sculpted right. You go  mostly the classic clean cut Mormon boy you would expect, and there is nothing wrong with that! but we can do better! When Jimmer mania was in full swing, it was crazy fun. So Jimmer, we won’t Threedette about you; let’s spruce you up!

Jimmer Threedette
The Lonely Master

Brandon Sanderson

The King of Utah Science Fiction and Fantasy. Please Mrs Sanderson, send Brandon our way, we could help him so much with his hair. His fantasy worlds are expansive, immersive and we are so proud of him. He needs a Barber experience where he can relax with a full hot razor shave, relaxing massage and who knows he might be inspired to finish out the Wax and Wayne series! We can help him get ready for the next promotional shot. Brandon, you have some good foundation to work with, let us help you with a great cut! Also, facial hair would really help you out Sir!

Brandon Sanderson
Brandon Sanderson In front of book shelf

Marriner S. Eccles

In this period of time where the 1% just keep getting richer and richer, we need the likes of Marriner S. Eccles again. Someone who understands that capitalism can be a vacuum for the rich, and credit can be the bondage of the rest of us. His haircut’s could have used some help, (loving his hard part, and clean look) but proud to have a philanthropist, visionary and Mormon Liberal (who was wildly successful as a businessman) as one of our famous folks, and the savior of America.

Marriner S Eccles
Marriner S Eccles with FDR

The Best Men's Haircut in Salt Lake City

So in conclusion, the best men’s haircut in Salt Lake City is wildly different from person to person, that is why every Retro-Barber haircut starts out with a consultation. We have the experience, and will make sure to learn from the past to replicate the wins, and avoid the pitfalls.

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