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Barbers Needed

Retro Barber Shop Outside

--> Why Retro-Barbers <--

Do you love cutting men’s hair? Do you want to work in an creative beautiful environment where you’re treating with dignity and can be the best at your craft?

We have the perfect opportunity for you. Come Work with Retro-Barbers.

We will start you out at $17 per hour  + tips & bonuses! once you have proven that you can keep clients we’ll raise you to $20 per hour! (plus tips + bonuses)

We provide a world class environment, stellar marketing, and a great location for you to attract and maintain clients.

We provide all that you need to give your client the best experience, local pop-up ads, search engine marketing ads, social ads, and all the materials and atmosphere to slay.

We are looking for stylish, hard working, skilled, barbers to bear the Retro-Barbers name.

Do you have what it takes?  Email us today!

Or call me: 801-318-3851

Barber Pole

Please check out our search results on google (just google salt lake city barber).

You will also be joining your talents to a group with stellar reviews, check them out here.