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Vanessa's Story

Master Barber Vanessa Williams

Vanessa has been a Barber for over six years. 

Once she moved to Salt Lake City she started a gig as a barber (Jed’s Barbershop) and she knew she had found her calling. She had some great teachers like Tina Nguyen and Jed provided extensive customer service and ongoing skill training.

After spending years honing her craft (masterbarber) she is now delivering world-class experiences (it’s not a haircut it’s an experience) to her clients.

She is a firm believer that you should be pampered when you see your Barber, that it should be a time to relax and take care of yourself. If you are looking for a new barber it will be worth your time to give Vanessa a chance.

She combines her love of dressing up, (retro-chic) creating art, and world-class service into Retro-Barbers.

Maria's Story

Maria Master Barber

Maria started her barbering in New York City and she brings the sophistication and urban talent from that great city to Salt Lake City.  

Maria has 13 years of  industry experience (master barber).

Known for her sweet and earnest demeanor Maria delivers a relaxed and caring experience. 

Maria doesn’t ever deliver your run of the mill haircuts, instead she takes her time leaving you with a style and haircut you are proud to show around town. If you are looking for a new barber or for your forever barber it will be worth your time to give Maria a shot. Maria is also bilingual speaking both English and Spanish.

Master Barbers
Barbers Side by Side
Maria with the Straigth Razor
Rosey the Riveter as a Barber
Coy Maria
Ready for a Straigth Razor Shave
Maria with Scissors
Maria Smiling
Barber Shop Invitation
Vanessa the Master Barber
Stir Supper Club Pin-Up
Vanessa in Repose
Good HouseKeeping is Good Barbering
The Girls