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SLug Magazine and Barber Shops in Utah

Slug Cover Pictures of Barber Shop

Slug Writes About Retro-Barbers

Since 1989 SLUG has been Utah’s longest running independent magazine and has been keeping us all in the know, about events, great places to eat, local art, and services. I was thrilled when they reached out to me to do a feature on our shop. They’ve covered the best barber shops in Utah and to be included meant we must be doing something right. I mean, I’ve been reading SLUG since I was 15 and moved to Utah. What an honor! I also was blown away by their wordsmithing. Yes, they interviewed me, but wow did they give my words pizzas and pop. It’s worth reading for sure.

Retro-Barbers In Doorway
Barber in a wash station

Wast no further time, go read the article, and the subscribe to SLUG, if you’re a local you can’t miss out on all of this goodness.

The Barber Shop

Excerpts from the Mag:

“Tucked away into a small nook in the Church + State building on 400 S., Retro-Barbers looks back at visual and aesthetic trends from the mid–20th century to create a singular barbershop experience unlike any other in the city while still providing exacting, individualized haircuts and facial hair grooming. Opened just over a year ago, Retro-Barbers pride themselves in a one-of-a-kind trip to a barbershop and their customer-focused service in all their cuts trims and shaves. “

“The tenets of self-care and relaxation are a hallmark of many a barbershop, but Retro-Barbers extends the ethos with their all-encompassing aesthetic.”

Slug’s amazing photographer John Barkiple came and did a photo shoot, you can see he has an eye for design and you couldn’t ask for a nicer human. He is now added to a the list of the photographers who have captured us at work. John, are we your favorite barber shop in Utah? You can be honest!

Close up of Vanessa

They even got me thinking ahead to our next move!

“Looking ahead, Retro-Barbers hopes to expand their two-person team into a quartet of barbers and increase their reach. “The end goal is to keep it intimate and special—we won’t grow any of our locations to [be] bigger than four barbers,” says Williams. Instead, she hopes to open more Retro-Barbers locations with unique themes. ”This shop is aviation-themed, and I want to have several small shops—one themed to classic cars, another trains and another boats,” she says.

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