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Barber Shop Hop – A Salt Lake City Vintage Christmas Celebration

Barber Shop with Dapper Man

How to Launch a Barber Shop During a Pandemic

I started my Barber Shop in the midst of a Global Pandemic right after I had recovered from a broken knee and lost most of my clientele at Jed’s Barbershop. This wasn’t the ideal time to start, but it has been my dream to have a place of my own for years. I wanted to celebrate the opening but didn’t want to create a super spreader event.

Next year, at the anniversary I am going to throw the type of event where everyone can come and we can pack the chapel of Church & State, but that just wasn’t going to happen this year. So what do I do when I am stuck between wanting to celebrate my Barber Shop, and it’s unique Retro style, while still being socially conscience? I turned to The Stir Supper Club Salt Lake City and Voodoo productions for help.

Barber Shop Safety First

In this post I am going to run through how magical this night was and post a lot of pictures, but I want to start out by addressing the amazing job that the Stir Supper Club did @ creating a safe environment. The first key was Space. Each group just like at restaurants was seated with distance from each other. This way they could enjoy their food with the group they knew. With a good amount of distance from the performers.

Servers in PPE
We are going to make this safe!
Barber Shop Safety
Safely Creating Cocktails
Socially Distanced Barber Shop Chapel

The servers sanitized all the surfaces pre and post and wore masks and face shields at all times. All guests were required to wear masks as they entered, mingled and any time they got up from their eating area. Also, the Church and State chapel had so much head room for Safety and ventilation.

Greeter at the door of the Barber Shop Hop
We are taking this mask stuff seriously.

Barber Shop Cocktails

As you will see this was a totally vintage affair, and all of the guests and performers brought the style and looks of the 1940’s. It was a knock out affair, and it would be right unless we had some fancy cocktails to go with it.

Backlit Barber Shop Cocktail
The Retro-Barber Enjoyig Her Drink

The Performers

Once the Mingling Hour was over it was time to be entertained, and during this time libations and food was delivered right to our tables. I had so missed the live perfomances, and arts during this COVID period and was so happy to help facilitate a safe place to partake of top notch Retro-Themed ART!

The Voodoo ANdrew Sisters

This act was a show stopper. Comprised of The Voodoo Vagabond herself (Jennifer Tarasevic); Felicia Kalani  of all of the following fame:


and @mariah_delrio this powerful trio had tight harmonies that would make the Andrew Sisters proud, and their rendition of  Bei Mir Bist Du Shein had the audience eating out of the palm of their hands.

The Andrew Sisters
Oh The Harmonies
Felicia Kalani and The Andrew Sisters
She was just Killing it!

Barber Shop Singing in The Rain

Reminiscent of Singing in the Rain the Next Performance was put on by The Voodoo Darlings, and Danny Tarasevic. It was Classy and Sexy.

Singing in the Barber Shop Rain
You needed an umbrella because this was dripping with Finesse.
Umbrella's Up
Make it Rain
Sexy Vintage Lingerie
It's Raining Now

A Barber Shop Hoofer

It wouldn’t be a classic Retro Vintage Christmas without some Tap Dancing and we were privileged to behold Derrick Louizia who is a savant when it comes to dancing.

Tap Dance Amazing Derrick Louizia
His feet were magic.
His Feet were on fire
My Feet are on Fire!

House Wives are Hot

It feels like in the ’40s House Wives were just classier and down right amazing. The next performance was NO EXCEPTION.

Just a Classy Girl
Under this Classy Exterior is Some Fire!
Beautiful House Wife Dancer
Classy and Sexy they aren't mutually exclusive.

The Lady with the Fan

Kendall Fischer is one of the most talented Dancers I have ever seen perform. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also kind and has a golden soul. Here she is in all her glory as The Lady with the Fan

The Lady with the Fan and Singer
Amazing Art in Both Song and Dance
The Lady with The Fan
Feathers are Forever

Christmas The Hawaiian Way.

The Voodoo Family has roots in Hawaii and they pulled out all the stops for an arrangement of  Mele Kalikimaka. Not only did they have Danny, Felicia and Jennifer with amazing vocals but they had authentic Hawaiian Dancing!

Mele Kalikimaka
So Much Talent in this family!

Barber Shop Song Bird

During this magical evening this beautiful songstress, whose name I didn’t catch, enchanted us with her hypnotic tones. Her voice couldn’t be forgotten!

Divine Singer
If only images could express the sound
Elegant Singer Barber Shop
Beautiful and Talented

The Lyra

Kendall Fischer once again amazed us! This time with her skills on the Lyra. 

Kendall Fischer About to Get on the Lyra
This is going to be good!
Strength and Beauty
Strength, Control & Beauty

The Man With The Bag

No Christmas is Complete without a visit from Santa Claus. Derrick was able to deliver, and did so with panache.

The Man with The Bag
You've all been Good Children!

The Classiest Couple

These two beautiful humans brought all of the charm and beauty you could ask for, and yes, it got acrobatic!

Military Couple
Beauty and Power
The Lift
Passionate Dancers
But I might never see you again!

The Voodoo Darlings

This troupe of dancers never let’s you down, and this performance with Danny Tarasevic on vocals was unforgettable.

Classy Barber Shop Singing and Dancing
Just Wow!
Beautiful Dancers Feeling it
The Music Goes Round and Round
Beautiful Performers
Visions of Loveliness

A Vintage Christmas Barber Shop Grand Opening Stir Supper Club Extravaganza! Don't forget the guests!

Most of all those that came out and supported us with our opening and opted for supporting artists and celebration of life in this uncertain time. You brought the class and the life. What a party!

A Huge Thank YOu

All Photos were taken By Adam Ramos He has mad talent and class, and we are so thankful for his captures. I also had no idea how great this event was going to be. I just let Jennifer (Voodoo Productions) of the stir supper club take the wheel and sat back and was stunned with the results. I am sorry if you missed out on this magical night. I am hoping for a repeat in a less Covid filled future where we can really pack the house. If you haven’t followed or gotten on the list for the Stir Supper Club Salt Lake City yet, put it on your new year resolution list! They are safe, fun, and always unique.

Stunning 1940's Gal
Are you on the list?

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