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Barber Shop Salt Lake City

Interior View of a Salt Lake City Barber Shop

Barber Shop or Barbershop

Barber Shop Salt Lake City or Barbershop Salt Lake City. The debate rages, and it’s crazy that I a Barber of years don’t have a straight answer for you. I have the correct answer, but I don’t have a straight answer because it isn’t as straightforward as you think. The confusion comes from the word shop. A stylist works in a salon, but a barber works in a shop. Shop’s definitely have more cachet, I mean, who doesn’t want to work in a shop? And it brings to mind a mechanic shop, butcher shop, or a machine factory shop. So much more than a salon, you are building something amazing in a shop, and that’s where men should go.

So now that I’ve illustrated how cool a shop is, let’s get to the confusion. The proper word is, “Barbershop” you run the entire word together, and that is what the place is called. However, it is proper to also state it as a Barber’s Shop. See the confusion? That’s why there is an answer, but it’s not so straight.

Bike Shop
Barber Shop Salt Lake City With Blow Dryer

What you can find in a barber shop

Tools, there are always tools in a shop. For fun I am  going to make a comparison of a Mechanical Shop and a Barber Shop I thought it would be fun to break down the tools a barber uses, and compare them to the tools of a mechanic. Check out the images and comparisons below:

Clippers (Barber Shop) - AKA - Impact wrench (Shop)

The Impact wrench is a socket wrench power tool designed to deliver high torque output with minimal exertion to the user, by storing energy in a rotating mass, then delivering it suddenly to the output shaft. Most commonly they’re fitted with a 1/2″ socket attachment.

Yes, people used to use the air powered ones, and they also use wrenches, but the tool of choice is this bad boy.

Just like the impact wrench a modern battery driven tool, “Clippers” are the main tool for a barber. So in a Barber Shop for Salt Lake City, this is a power tool that in the hands of a professional delivers all of the style you could want. Yes we will also use scissors, but when it comes to getting the job done right you need the torque and power of the right tool. So we start with the clippers and these are used in pretty much all of our services, and then move to others.

Impact Wrench
A Barber Shop in Salt Lake City Demonstrating her Clippers a Barbers Main Tools

Scissors (Barber Shop) - AKA - Flex-head ratchet (Shop)

The flex head ratchet is used for precision, to get the things that you can’t quite get with the impact wrench, and this is similar to a barber, do we use scissors? Yes, and very well! We just make sure that we use them when they will have maximum impact! It’s also about finding the right time to use them, yes there are some Iconic Haircuts that need only scissors, but No mechanic would be without their ratchet set, and no Barber would be without her scissors. Versatile, uber-sharp, and ready to style and groom with maximum efficiency.

Flex Head Ratchet
Attractive Barber in the Barber Shop with Scissors

Razor (Barber Shop) - AKA - Automatic Wire Stripper (Shop)

The Automatic Wire Stripper is a must have if you need to do any form of electrical/soldering work, these self-adjust to any cable size and strip the outer sheath off with ease.

Likewise no Barber is a barber without their straight razor. We will strip the hair right off of the skin leaving it baby smooth and perfectly lined. Modern use requires that we use disposable straight razors on the straight razor for sanitation (the razor will be brand new, super sharp and used only for you), but there is no shave like a straight razor shave, not only does it feel amazing when combined with hot towels and warm lather, but you will love the way you look and feel.

Wire Strippers
Attractive Barber with Straight Razor in the Shop Located in Salt Lake City

Blow Dryer (Barber Shop) - AKA - Heat Gun (Shop)

The uses for a heatgun are essentially endless, however our favorite time to use them is actually for breaking thread lock such as Loctite, before attempting to remove any bolts that look corroded and may be prone to strip the head or snap. Heating the casing around the bolt first also aids in the process, as well as using WD40 beforehand!

Likewise, the uses for a blow dryer are also endless, but our favorite is for styling and drying!

Heat Gun
Attractive Salt Lake City Barber with a Hair Dryer

Conclusion - Barber Shop Salt Lake City

I could go on and on, as a Barber I use a hand massager, what could this be? Comment below? I also use a wash station for your hair, I use a hot lather machine, and towels. Even the barber chair itself could be the pneumatic lift that you find in a mechanics shop. What I can tell you is the proper way to say Barber Shop is barbershop, but many people end up searching for Barber Shop Salt Lake City, and if you do search this way, that is fine! I hope you find me.

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