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The Retro-BarberS Signature Gentleman’s Haircut

The Straight Razor

The Old Fashioned - Our Signature Gentleman's haircut

I love cutting men’s hair, but it took me a while to understand what goes into the perfect gentleman’s haircut. Not to mention what is the perfect experience? In this blog post I am going to outline exactly what makes up our signature haircut, (I will later outline each of my services) how I came up with each step, and I am going to be using the photographs of the handsome and talented Evan Taylor (Check him out at Evan Taylor Trumpet) who was kind enough to pose for me before he went to play his trumpet for literally the entire world. (Miami, Japan, Utah, Chicago et all.)

pre-haircut Evan Taylor
I'm good looking, but just you wait, just you wait!

Gentleman's Haircut - Personal Consultation

It all starts off with conversation. I offer my clients a drink (we have a great selection for all types; Mexican Coke, Artisanal water, Fanta, and more..) and then I get into the details of their hair experience, what look they are wanting, and with my years of experience I can then make a game plan for the perfect look. Many Barbers overlook this important step, but I never do; Now if you’re my regular, and we are already working on the plan, this step might not take as long, but it’s always important. I just don’t skip it.

Female Barber Asking Questions
Tell me what you want

Gentleman's Haircut - The tailored cut

Next comes the haircut experience. This starts of with clippers, scissors, straight razor, and all the other tools of the barber trade to get the look just right according to our game plan. I think pictures tell a thousand words, so check these out!

Barber Shop Tools
These are my weapons
Lining things up with scissors
Getting it right the first time.
Clipper Shave
A close shave?
Outside looking in at Retro-Barbers during a cut
Everyone looks good in my shop!
Clippers and Comb
Style is what we aim for
Conversation During the Cut
Constantly checking in
Precision Clipers

Gentleman's Haircut - The Steamed Towel

The facial, neck and head massage combined with a steamed towel is one of the experiences that set’s a barber above the regular 5 and dime salons! This is where the pampering gets real.

Pure bliss with a hot towel
Hot Towel
Relax, focus on you.

Gentleman's Haircut - Energizing Shampoo

I use essential oils, and tea tree oil combined with our 1922 Keune products to give you an amazing hair wash experience. I have had clients audibly moan during this time because they are so lost in just relaxing and feeling pampered.

Barber Hair Wash
Others charge extra, we feel it's part of the experience!

Gentleman's haircut - Warm shaving cream Neck Shave

No barber experience is complete without the straight razor shave. With our signature cut (the old fashioned) this is only the neck but if you want a full face shave I offer those too (the whisky sour). This is surprisingly therapeutic and though it feel dangerous to have a blade that sharp right to your throat, it is actually a liberating experience!

Lathering Up for a neck shave
Lather Up
The Straight Razor
It's a sharp razor

Gentleman's haircut - Finishing Touch Styling

Once your completely cut and shaved, I takeĀ  time to style, blow-dry, and sculpt your hair. During this time I suggest some of the incredible Keune 1922 products for continued styling. (These products have creatine and Sativa seed in them and have been used since 1922 to make men look amazing).

Blow Dry
Insert dirty joke here
Keune Product
They Smell Fantastic
Getting Styled
Almost There

Gentleman's haircut - Relaxing Shoulder massage

And to really help you get to your happy place and relax we have the relaxing should massage. I use a vintage massage tool that let’s me still use my fingers and personal touch while delivering the powerhouse good vibrations at the same time. It’s an experience unlike any you’ve had before.

Macro View Hand Massager
This is your time.
Macro View Hand Massager
The personal touch
Massage Continued
It hits the spot

Gentleman's haircut - The end results

You can’t argue with results, and though Evan was always a good looking man, his game just jumped. He is now drippin with finesse, it don’t make no sense (unless you come to have an experience with me, then it will make all the sense in the world).

Transformed and Amazing Evan Taylor
Right Angle
360 View part 1
360 View part 4
Left Angle
360 View part 2
Back Angle
360 View part 3

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