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Boxcar X & Jake Buntjer (Mister Pauper)

Jake Buntjer (Post Haircut)

BoxCar X & all Things Cool Salt Lake City

Jake Buntjer (Mister Pauper) Before
I don't have much time for self care, I know it's important, but I get focused.
Now with a new haircut
Are you experienced?

One of the best parts of my job is getting to recommend and meet the interesting and talented people of Salt Lake City. Today I had the pleasure of having Jake Buntjer (Mister Pauper, Artist, Community Builder, and Proprietor of Boxcar X) in my chair.

He is so busy creating art, that self care sometimes comes secondary so I was happy to give him a hand. He has a big show coming up at Sundance resort!

I was excited/pleased to get to know him better and also get him looking, “the part” that he already plays.

"Leave your flags at the door and expect to see something that you didn't think was possible."
Covid Man
Jake Buntjer
When visiting Boxcar X


I have spent many a night wandering about Boxcar wondering at all the oddities and ambiance that I see. There’s something special about the people you meet when you’re in an environment like this (think Meow Wolf meets Hogwarts at a Vaudevillian Theater) and the experiences that you have.

If you believe that atmosphere and environments can change how you interact with people then you must go to Boxcar X and have an experience.

Jake Deep in Conversation
He listens as well as he speaks. You can feel that he cares, and that changes everything.
The Dreamy Eyes of Jake Buntjer (Mr Pauper
These are the eyes of a dreamer

“I keep telling my clients how cool Salt Lake City is, and that if you search for it you will find amazing events; the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else, and Mister Pauper (Jake Buntjer) and Boxcar X are where you will find the most interesting, introspective and fun events in town.

So give him a follow:

Go to his show:

May 15th 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM and then his art will be on display for the week.

and get down the rabbit hole!

I had my Chief Marketing Officer (Brad) interview Jake and I think you will get the spirit of what he is building and doing by listening. As well as find out which sick/bomb-ass songs Jake is dropping during his events. Make sure to check my Retro-Recommends and lifestyle posts in order to discover all the great things my clients share, and I find in my beloved Salt Lake City.

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Stain Glassed Vision
An Interview with Jake Buntjer (Mister Pauper)
The Interview with Mister Pauper
Listen Below:

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